Rafiki Morris

Born in the U.S., Rafiki Morris began drawing at age three and painted his first mural at age twelve.  Organizing, justice and art are three long-standing strands that have defined his path, and what ultimately brought him to Trinidad & Tobago. 


For 27 years Rafiki worked as an organizer for the U.S.-based All African People’s Revolutionary Party with Trinidad born activist Stokely Carmichael.


Rafiki first moved to Trinidad & Tobago in 2000 to support the National Joint Action Committee, a Black nationalist political party, in the promotion of its internationalization of Emancipation Day, and the making of a mural symbolizing the observation of emancipated slaves of African descent.

Rafiki 6877 copy
Rafiki 0235 copy
Rafiki Christening Redemption   4'X9'
Rafiki Nap Time   12X14 copy